Vineyard, Milan & Fidenza


Monday was Labor Day in Italy, so there was no school. We planned to go to a local vineyard to do wine tastings.  The wine maker explained how he makes the wine and how different machines produce different flavors of wine.  Some of the machines take out the sugar for a more bitter taste, while others produce a sweeter wine.  But honestly my favorite part of the vineyards was the finger foods.  The food has been one of my favorite parts about Italy, and today was no different.  REAL Parmesan cheese from Parma, a city just right down the road, bread, and delicious pizza. And the wine was good too.

The wine maker also had the cutest dog.  His name was Ottos, and he wanted us to play with him the whole time.  He would bring a rock over to your feet like he wanted to play fetch.  But when you tried to grab it, he would try to grab it first, like capture the flag.  I tried to get him to do tricks, but he didn’t know English…



Thursday after school we went to Milan.  We toured a church and walked through the city to a famous castle.  I really wanted to go to the Duomo Museum.  The museum was filled with paintings and sculptures of Bible stories.  But we got there too late, and the museum was no longer letting people in.  Next to the museum is the Duomo, the most famous church in Milan.  It is so pretty!


While walking on the street, our American noses smelled something fried.  We followed the smell to a little food cart.  They were selling doughnuts and churros.  I got a fried doughnut type thing filled with Nutella.  It was good to finally get some fried food again.


We spent the rest of our time in Milan walking through shops.  Milan is the shopping capital of the world, but you’ve got to have a lot of money if you actually want to buy something.  While walking, we discovered these amazing violinists.  We stood and listened to them play forever! If you want to hear them, just google ‘three violinists in Milan’ and there are lots of videos of them on youtube.


On Friday after school, we went to a nearby town called Fidenza.  We dedicated the afternoon to taking on the outlet stores.  There were surprisingly a lot of American brands. My favorite stop was the Lindt chocolate store.  There were so many chocolates and truffles, but best of all they had gelato.  Of course I had to get Lindt gelato.  I got white chocolate, and it was so good!


This weekend we are going to Venice – Ciao!


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