We left for Rome at 6 am on Saturday morning and got there at 10 am. First stop was to get some food and figure out where we were going. Our trip was essentially finding all of the famous, pretty buildings. We travelled old school because all we had was a map to guide us. We decided to head for Basilica Santa Maria Maggiore first.


Next we came to the Quattro Fontane. There are four statues/fountains like this at the corners of an intersection.  In this fountain, you can see the she-wolf, which is the symbol of Rome.  


Then we walked to the Fontana Del Tritone, or the Fountain of Triton.  Triton is one of the Greek gods.  He is the messenger of the sea.  


Next was one of my favorite stops in Rome – Fontana Di Trevi. We loved it so much we went twice. My grandma had a picture from the fountain from the last time she went to Rome, and I was so excited to recreate her picture. It’s a huge fountain, and it’s beautiful with the sun shining on it all day. It’s been in a lot of movies, the most recent is the Lizzie McGuire Movie. The tradition is to throw coins over your shoulder into the fountain.

While at the fountain, we started getting calls from our hotel telling us that something was wrong with our reservation. We quickly walked across the city to find out that the pipes had burst. The receptionist had called other arrangements for us in Rome. So we ended up with a 3 bedroom 4 bathroom apartment for no extra charge! The apartment was back across town next to the Colosseum. So we got settled in the apartment and headed to the Colosseum. It was my other favorite spot in Rome. The architecture is so beautiful and the structure is rich in history. It was the home of one of the first Olympic Games.


Our ticket to the Colosseum also got us into the Roman Forum and Palintine Hill. It was a huge area of Roman ruins. It was so cool. All I could think about was what it would’ve looked like before it was destroyed. The city must have been beautiful.

At this point we hadn’t eaten in 8 hours. We found a rooftop restaurant so we could have a birds eye view of the city. We took our time at dinner and headed back to the apartment. I was exhausted from the day.


We slept in a little on Sunday. My room in the apartment was so peaceful. I could have spent all day there. As soon as I woke up, I opened all the windows to let the breeze in.

While eating breakfast, we made a game plan for the day.  We took off to the other side of town to start the day in Vatican City. The line to the museum was at least a five hour wait to get in, so we decided to skip it. We got in line to see the Basilica San Pietro. This is the church where the pope is. When we finally got in, the courtyard in front of the church was packed. Apparently, it was the 150th year celebration of an organization called Azione Cattolica Italiana.  In English, it’s the Italian Catholic Action.  When we finally entered, there was Italian music playing over the speakers. Shortly after, the pope began talking, and the crowd got quiet. It was such a cool experience to get to be there on a Sunday and see the pope.

We went on to the Castel Sant’Angelo.

Then to the Fontana del Nettuno, or the Fountain of Neptune.


And then Piazza Navona.  It was built in the first century AD.  Ancient Romans used this area as a competition area.  The Romans would watch “games” there because it is a large open area, but of course it was packed with people.  

We finally got to the Pantheon, a more famous spot in Rome. It’s a huge building with pillars at the front. It used to be a Roman temple, but now the building serves as a church. 

Largo Di Torre Argentina is the remains of four Roman temples and a theatre.


The Piazza Venezia was such a pretty area.  There was a large open area in front of the building so the view was amazing.  It gets its name because it was built by two men from Venice.

And this put us in the perfect location to go back to the Fontana Di Trevi. It is just so stinking pretty!

Near the fountain is a homemade gelato shop. They have a lemon flavor that is the most amazing thing I’ve ever tasted.

After finishing the gelato at the fountain, we walked to the The Spanish Steps at the Piazza di Spagna. It’s such a pretty area, and I had been looking forward to going there.

Then we happened upon what we thought was the famous statue of Moses by Michelangelo. There’s a story in Exodus 34 about Moses having talked to God, and after Moses was described as having a horned face.  Having a horned face means shining or emitting rays.  But Michelangelo misinterpreted the Latin text into horns coming out of his head. But turns out this wasn’t even the right statue.  It is a statue of Moses, just not the famous one by Michelangelo.  Instead, it is the Fontana dell’Acqua Felice, or the Fountain of Moses.  It was built to restore aqueducts for the Romans to have clean drinking water. Aaron is on the left, Moses in the center, and Joshua on the right.  But I have no clue why Moses has horns in this statue too. 

Our last stop in Rome was another fountain, Fontana delle Naiadi, at the Piazza della Repubblic. Fountains are all over Rome and are huge. This one was the center of a roundabout.


And for some reason, I decided Rome would be the city of selfies.

In total, we walked over 17 miles while In Rome. The city was a dream and I wish I could have had more time there to actually get to tour more of the buildings. It’s full of history and beautiful sculptures. If I ever go back, I will definitely need a tour guide because there’s so much history we missed! The end of Rome means our time in Italy is almost over; I am soaking up every second though! Ciao!


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